Committed Collective

Committed to change the course?
We are.

Committed Collective is a new kind of group of independent creative agencies.

We combine the best talent from both north and south to help you do things that really matter.

Why we exist

We’ve entered a new phase in business. We call it the impact era. It is a profound shift in how companies define their reason for being and how they create new value.

In a world plagued by climate disasters, health crises, social emergencies and extinction events, companies have a new role to play. Purpose, sustainability, and positive impact are the only ways you can be really meaningful for consumers, customers, citizens, employees and investors alike.

We are committed to help companies thrive in this new era. With our unique network, we provide you the best creative talent for accelerating sustainability and real positive impact, both locally and globally.

Who we are

Committed Collective is a growing group of independent creative agencies, devoted to helping their clients do things that really matter. We have joined our forces to provide best talent across agencies and continents to solve challenges that know no borders.

Måndag is an impact-driven communications and marketing agency. We are based in Helsinki, Finland, and operate globally with projects in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa, and the US. We merge creativity with activism and action to help organizations towards a better and more sustainable society.

5ive Africa is an East African full-service communications agency with a strong commitment to novel solutions and real-world impact.

Noah’s Ark is a creative agency out of Nigeria. We help shape narratives that impact the trajectory of brands and the society at large positively, through creativity. We believed impact becomes even more potent when storified. On the Luerzers Archive global agency ranking, we are currently ranked No 21 Ad agency worldwide and No 1 Ad agency in Sub-saharan Africa. We are also the first West African agency with a Cannes Creative diploma, and a gold at the Epica awards.

What we do

Committed Collective helps you find the best creative talent for taking a lead in sustainability and impact.
We work with companies, organizations, and governments with:


to understand the challenges and your opportunity to drive change.


to find the direction for your brand and business to move the world forward.


to find the direction for your brand and business to move the world forward.


to create content, campaigns and events that make a difference..

How we work

We start with a quick meeting to understand your situation. Then we build a team of the best talent across the agencies, provide a project plan, agree on the details, and start changing the status quo with you.

Just say hi –
or let us know how we can help.

  • Arto Sivonen

    Creative Director at Måndag


  • Jaqueline Kiragu

    Account director at 5ive Africa
  • Lanre Adisa

    Chief Creative Officer at Noah's Ark
  • Onyinye Obienu

    Copywriter at Noah's Ark
  • Ville Tikka

    Strategist at Måndag
  • Jonah Otieno

    CEO at 5ive Africa
  • Anna Abrahamsson

    Strategist at Måndag